GO MEET LINDAB – presenting their supply chain excellence journey

Elite Park Avenue Hotel Göteborg

Introduction to Transaction based Inventory Control

Lindab – A supply chain excellence journey

The fundamentals to get inventory control performing as expected are Method, People and Process!
To meet increasingly complex supply chain environments, the trend during the last decades has been to develop sophisticated statistical software to optimize stock levels. These systems put pressure on people to understand the used methods and require high theoretical competence. The gap between advanced mathematics and peoples understanding lead to the actual performance being far from the theoretical targets.
MYSIGMA has for many years developed and worked with alternative methods that easily are explained and understood. We call it transaction-based inventory control and instead of creating a “sophisticated push calculator” we simplify and use well-known pull theory (Kanban).
Can these methods compete with sophisticated big data models? Yes they can, and now we have proof!!

Lindab has managed to increase the number of items in the store warehouses with 30%, improved service levels and reduced capital tied.
By understanding demand pattern and supply capability Lindab has built a transaction based inventory control system (LICS) that is easy for the users to understand and outperforms traditional control systems.
Dag Jarlson, Erik Areskog and Jens Quistgaard will guide you through Lindabs inventory control journey combining methodology/logic with people and process development!
Håkan Espenkrona and Dan Schultz welcome you all.

Complimentary breakfast is served!