IKEA case presentation in Lund

Elite Hotel Ideon Lund

Forecasting and Replenishment planning in an omni-channel context

Speaker: Stefan Holmberg, Process Development Manager, IKEA of Sweden and Tobias Jonasson från MYSIGMA

IKEA undergoes a dramatic transformation from a brick-and-mortar “blue box” retailer to an omni-channel actor serving the many people. With a long-standing mission to be on the side of the many people, IKEA has defined three roads forward, being Affordability, Accessibility, and Sustainability. As a direct consequence, IKEA is developing its Supply Chain to meet the demands of their customers – today and tomorrow.

IKEA is challenged by a growing number of nodes in the Supply Chain network, requiring timely and accurate replenishment in order to deliver on the promise of short lead-times to their customers. The first, and perhaps most challenging part, is to develop a way-of-working and to enhance system support to manage an increasingly dynamic and volatile demand.

Examples will be shared on how the challenges have been approached, what the current response is, and what IKEA sees coming in the next few years.