Truth (and illusions) about efficiency, profitability and competitiveness

Elite Park Avenue Hotel Göteborg

Inspirational presentation by Peter Mellander, Development Manager, Warehouse Operations at ICA Sverige AB

Speaker: Peter Mellander, ICA Sverige AB & Tobias Jonasson, MYSIGMA

Efficiency and effectiveness has always been an essential driver for change and mostly builds the foundation in our development-related decision-making. Not seldom this involves heavy investments and significant risk. But what is efficiency, really? Does our search for increased efficiency really lead to what we primarily depend on, namely competitiveness? What is profitable and what defines a “strong business-case”?
– What at first sight may seem so simple to define can actually mislead us into false conclusions and disadvantageous decisions!
Based on typical and challenging questions and debates from his every-day agenda Peter aims to share his thoughtful perspectives on the subject. As listener, you will, hopefully, leave this seminar enlightened with a broader perspective of how improved efficiency, profitability and competitiveness may be defined!

Complimentary breakfast is served.

(The presentation will be held in Swedish)