It´s about sales, it´s about supply chain – it´s about True End To End alignment

Elite Park Avenue Hotel Göteborg

Commercial excellence with True End to End approach

Speaker: Peter Wahlgreen

Peter Wahlgreen (MBA) at comGcon is a passionate, result driven person with long experience within international marketing and sales. Peter has a proven track record of driving sales growth with recent high management positions within Tetra Pak (
Peter will share his experience of what it takes to drive sales growth and why aligning the effort with supply chain flexibility is crucial for success.
The presentation will include a successful S&OP project between two multinational companies. By focusing on a reduction of lead time (with around 65%) a much more competitive offer resulted in a sales growth of 30%!
Further on there was a substantial reduction in tied up capital and of re-work and re-planning. A fundament for the result was a cultural change both at supplier and customer side of the supply chain.