Volvo Cars Case presentation in Lund

Elite Hotel Ideon Lund

Global Spare Parts Distribution - How to secure availability

Volvo Cars – After Sales

Speaker: Håkan Espenkrona, MYSIGMA

Spare parts characteristics differ a lot from ordinary assortment, e.g. long tail of low volume items, short delivery lead times and unpredictable demand.
Traditional methods and software are not designed to control lumpy demand and the support to determine stock keeping policies at different stock points is limited.
Best practice examples will be presented!

Speaker: Fredrik Höglund, Volvo Cars

Presentation of what the effects from trends like Industry 4.0, Digital Commerce and Mobility are towards Volvo Cars Business model.
How this has and will change the focus for Volvo Cars Global Customer Service and its effect on the parts supply chain as well as the transformation needed within the company.