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MYSIGMA is a supply chain management firm with experts dedicated to achieve results

Our methodology is based on hypothesis generation and characterized by achieving results. Each solution is developed from a fact based approach combined with a close customer dialogue to assure both correct values and understanding of unique conditions. To start transforming business strategy into supply chain excellence we begin at agreed objectives and quantified supply chain performance (Where / Why). We identify what needs to be done to reach the targets, customize solutions (What) that best fit the client, and prioritize actions according to maximal pay off (How). In order to ensure bottom line impact and sustainability we involve key stakeholders already at an early stage and drive change programs together with the client (Who / When).

Since every supply chain is unique, we strive to find the right balance between service, cost, and risk for each client. A cornerstone in our approach is to define the most appropriate level of supply chain segmentation, to be able to handle product mix and service complexity. The assigned team  comprises the specialists and the generalists needed for the client’s unique challenge.

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