Operational excellence

The art of succeeding with what you've got

Operational excellence translates to increased production flexibility, improved customer responsiveness, and cost minimization. Operational excellence organizations continuously strive to increase the engagement of their employees through shared values, guiding principles, leadership development, coaching, and continuous competence development.

MYSIGMA supports companies by performing opportunity assessments not only to identify true potentials, but also to establish a clear roadmap that will accomplish breakthrough improvements. We help companies re-think their end-to-end value chains to find ways that faster and with fewer resources improve their customer offer value. We can advise on all aspects of business operations to streamline functions and optimize performance by bringing proven diagnostics, methodologies, and tools that improve business processes, organizational capabilities and performance management skills. Our team believes that all businesses can achieve operational excellence.

Change management

MYSIGMA supports changes by helping to ease the transition to a new business set-up. We help organizations—and their people—adjust to change, whether it is an implementation of a system that requires training, processes that need integrating into existing work habits, or a strategic direction that depends on the understanding and support of stakeholders.

Our approach is to work closely with our client, thereby securing that ideas and new ways of thinking will be adopted and lasting.