Supply chain management

Ways and methods to tweak your operations to gain maximum efficiency

In an unstable global economy with increasing complexity and shorter cycle times, organizations are forced to operate supply chains that can adapt to continuously changing conditions. MYSIGMA helps clients achieve supply chain excellence by combining our extensive industry experience with skills in supply chain strategy and planning, sourcing and procurement, distribution and manufacturing.

Today many companies are challenged with implementing new ideas and business models in their sourcing and procurement organizations in order to reduce costs while maximizing value from supplier relationships. Supply chains and material planning must be upgraded with modern supply system concepts. Logistical standards must be agreed upon with suppliers: risk sharing, volume flexibility, joint planning and forecasting as well as the adherence to delivery targets.


MYSIGMA helps companies with the optimization of sourcing processes as well as strategic and operational purchasing. We assist to reduce costs and improve performance by cutting operating expenses and freeing capital.

We address all sources of value creation—people, sourcing, process,es and technology—to make the procurement organization achieve high performance.


Manufacturing companies deal with complex global challenges such as increasing customer expectations and requirements for short lead times and availability, lower cost competitors, fluctuating commodity prices, rising transportation costs and an unstable global economy. Under these circumstances, setting the right production strategy and network is of vital importance to achieve competitive advantages

MYSIGMA collaborates with manufacturers to help design and execute a strategy that will keep them competitive in a constantly changing world. We help our clients build a strategy which focuses on the what and where of the global or regional manufacturing network. We support companies in developing best in class manufacturing setups to ensure an efficient supply of products to customers. Further, we help decide whether core areas of development are at the right level of vertical integration, whether to make or buy, and the manufacturing footprint design.


The quality of distribution logistics has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, and distribution activities are often key to overall logistics cost. Constant refinement and improvement is essential for creating an efficient supply chain.

MYSIGMA supports companies in optimizing the quality of service and efficiency of their distribution activities. Main optimization levers are a flexible and cost effective distribution network and warehousing, balance between outsourced and in-house logistics activities as well as effective management of logistics service providers. Correctly implemented outsourcing enables an organization to focus on its core business, engage with best-in-industry service providers, improve internal resource utilization, and provide the scalability necessary to respond quickly to demand variability.