What is The Fresh Connection

The Fresh connection (TFC) is an advanced online business simulation that engages participants to work together as a team in making strategic and tactical decisions in order to turnaround and save the fictional company – The Fresh Connection – from financial ruin.

  • A sophisticated experiential learning tool
  • Advanced way to make collaboration measurable
  • Opportunity to increase cross-functional awareness
  • Proven method to initiate change

Who will benefit?

Everyone from Management teams to Planners, from Finance to Supply Chain and Sales.
The Fresh Connection is an ideal development opportunity for cross-functional teams and all those involved in optimizing the value chain and increasing business performance.

The Mechanics

Working in teams of four do the participants represent the functional roles as:

  • Operations
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Supply chain

They are challenged to consider corporate strategy and business objectives – putting strategy into action!
There is also a need for contemporary business issues, trade-offs and structured decision making processes such as Sales & Operations Planning.
By participating in “rounds” that each constitute six months in the real world, participants are encourage to be proactive and think more about long term decisions which can influence business performance rather than short term reactive measures. Most importantly – good Supply Chain performance and execution of corporate strategy has a direct positive impact on company profitability.

Want to try? Sign up for open training sessions today!
.…as other successful companies and universities have done

Four open training sessions are scheduled in the beginning of next year. The training is one full day, where the business simulation is mixed with short theory sessions.

LUND                                                                            GÖTEBORG
When: Wednesday 6th of March                              When: Thursday 7th of March
Register latest: February 10th                                   Register latest: February 10th

When: Wednesday 15th of May                                When: Thursday 16th of May
Register latest: April 25th                                          Register latest: April 25th

Price: 5900 SEK (10% discount if registration more than two months before training session.)
Please register at;

For additional information please contact;
Håkan Espenkrona: +46 701 490 348
Viktoria Tykesson: +46 703 711 285