Working capital management

Increasing the financial leverage of your operations

Inventory control

MYSIGMA has a long tradition of improving client’s working capital management where inventory control is an important subject. Some of the concepts and methods have their origin in the founding of MYSIGMA and have then been further developed and fine-tuned so that we now can promise cutting edge solutions within inventory control.
To reach the expected results it is important to combine strategical vision and targets with tactical and operative processes, routines and tools. One significant area where we often find weaknesses is differentiation of stock settings. MYSIGMA normally divides the item/product range into at least two different classes, but depending on industry there could be more, based on frequency, volume, price, lead time, margin etc.

Sales & Operations Planning

MYSIGMA has worked with a very large number of different clients to improve their profitability. A recurrent area with high impact on the performance is Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) where the profitability is addressed from many angles. Example of results from our S&OP projects are:

  • Sales growth 2-6% (improved product launches, reduced lead time and out of stock, improved customer retention etc.)
  • Cost reduction 5-10% (productivity improvement, freight cost reduction, reduced sourcing cost etc.)
  • Reduction of capital employed 15-40% (Finished goods inventory reduction, reduced slow moving and obsolete goods, etc.)

Our approach is that we start with an assessment of current status to prepare a business case and quantify the potential. In the next phase the focus will be to set the process and people before suggesting a tool to support the process.

Supply chain control

MYSIGMA has over the years and in collaboration with numerous clients developed concepts which are packaged with configurable logic and workflow to solve a variety of operational decision-making and process needs.

In a supply chain control project our supply chain experts work closely with our client to design concepts that power the Supply Chain Control (SCC) in their context. Solutions can be in the areas of inventory control, assortment classification, product costing, etc. These engines are then coupled with the SCC’s existing framework of reporting, alerting and workflow capabilities to bring the platform to life. Since the SCC’s data model is configured to match a client’s needs and data set, integration with other systems is simple. An added benefit is that with the SCC approach no specialised software is required essentially making the implementation free from any long-term commitment.