Conflicting organisational targets and finding common ground

A high-performing supply chain needs the collaboration of all team members from across the organisation. However, often different business functions, for example, production and sales, have a different focus and targets. Tearing down functional silos and creating the right cross-functional mindset can be a serious challenge.To visualise and create a true understanding of the real-world implications of functional silos MYSIGMA has partnered with Inchainge. Drawing on years of supply chain experience, Inchainge have developed The Fresh Connection, a business simulation that provides an accurate representation of value chains and how they respond to different decisions.


We are very proud to be able to take this first class learning experience to you. We setup company specific training sessions, but you can also participate in one of our open training sessions with an interesting mix of people from other companies. For more information about dates and venues please contact Håkan Espenkrona or Per Lövdahl for more information.


Seeing is believing, experiencing is learning

For decades, the world has been in awe of the Japanese manufacturing phenomenon fuelled by the philosophies of lean and Kaizen. To better show you how you can succeed with lean and Kaizen in your company MYSIGMA have partnered with Shinka Management. They have offered widely acclaimed tours to the land of the rising sun for 10 years. In their “Lean Japan Tour” Shinka Management introduces you to the factory floors of multiple world-class lean companies, arranges seminars with the veteran black-belts of Toyota and allows you to gain hands on practical learning from their own experts. Over the course of a week you are introduced to the inner workings of lean and Kaizen culture brought to you by those shaping both its present and future.


For more information please read the flyer or contact Dan Schultz.