warehouse design and implementation

Warehouse design and implementation


A pure player in the e-commerce business was facing a rapid growth with current turnover of 300 kSEK expected to double every year forcing them to invest in a new warehouse. The challenge was to design the warehouse with cost effective solutions enabling efficient material flows with minimal impact on cost. Further the challenge was heightened by the fact that Black Friday was around the corner. The prerequisites and requirements were: 

  • New warehouse area of 8 000 m2
  • New automated sorting system
  • New effective material flows
  • Up and running before Black Friday


With focus on efficient handling processes a complete design of the new warehouse was developed and MYSIGMA ensured the implementation through effective project management. In short the following were done:

  • Development of a new layout for the whole warehouse
  • Specifying of requirements and purchasing of new automatic handling equipment
  • Modified current processes and designing of SOPs
  • Effective project management ensuring that the tight time plan and deliverables held up


The project was completed and finished according to agreed time plan, deliverables and budget resulting in a new cost effective, semi-automatic and highly flexible warehouse in full operation before Black Friday. Main outcomes were:

  • Increased storage and picking capacity with >200%
  • Increased productivity only 1 week after implementation

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