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BI and analytics

BI and analytics

Systems used in modern supply chains generate large amounts of data and for that data to give insight and draw conclusions, some kind of BI (Business Intelligence) software is needed. BI and analytics is used to make data-driven decisions in a supply chain context. In short, the purpose of BI and analytics is to control supply chain performance and identify opportunities to increase overall profitability. This is usually done by acquire, identify, and categorize raw data from different data sources within the supply chain. Further on the data is analysed to find patterns, and models developed to predict future events, and recommend actions to maximize profit.

MYSIGMA has over the years in collaboration with numerous clients developed BI data models packaged with configurable logic and workflow to support supply chain decision-making. Our supply chain experts work with the client to design concepts and data models that power their supply chain performance. These models are utilized as a framework of reporting, alerting and increasing workflow capabilities. 

MYSIGMA has developed data models and dashboards that serve as tools for performance measurement, decision-making, supply chain control, etc. For example:

  • Inventory management – Set and manage optimal plans and parameters to improve availability and reduce inventory
  • Forecasting – A tailored approach often increases accuracy
  • Sales & operations planning – Combination of engines plus alerts, analytics, and reporting
  • Sourcing – Spend analytics and monitoring
  • Pricing – Simulate strategies and set optimal prices with chosen set of parameters

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