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Inventory management

Inventory management

A combination of strategical vision and targets together with tactical and operational processes, routines and tools is important to reach the expected results in terms of material availability and capital tied. Inventory management focus on the tactical planning process where steering parameters are tuned based on changed demand and changed service policy. One significant area where weaknesses often are found is in differentiation of stock settings. By using different methods for classification, you will get a structured approach and keep it simple to understand why different items get their stock targets.

MYSIGMA normally divides the item/product range into at least two different classes, but depending on industry there could be more, based on frequency, volume, price, lead time, margin etc. One of the keys in inventory control is to identify the best structure for the classification and service settings.

The theoretical framework behind inventory management isn´t enough to make it happen. To a large extent also process and organization are vital ingredients to get expected result. To secure sustainable solutions within inventory management MYSIGMA therefore build improvements based on:

  • The method to make the calculation include intelligence to classify assortment, understand demand variations and logic to calculate stock settings.
  • Process include activities to frequent conduct, at several planning levels, responsibility and follow up.
  • The organization part is about motivation, so people feel involvement in the process and understand the basic principles to be able to take necessary decisions.

Many concepts and methods have their origin in the founding of MYSIGMA and have been further developed and fine-tuned over the years to deliver cutting edge solutions within inventory control.

Over decades MYSIGMA has helped a large number of clients within different business segments to improve their inventory management process and to reach sustainable results.

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