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Manufacturing companies deal with complex global challenges such as increasing customer expectations and requirements for short lead-times and availability, lower cost competitors, fluctuating commodity prices, rising transportation costs and an unstable global economy. Under these circumstances, setting the right production strategy and network is of vital importance to achieve competitive advantages

MYSIGMA collaborates with manufacturers to help design and execute a strategy that will keep them competitive in a constantly changing world. We help our clients build a strategy which focuses on the what and where of the global or regional manufacturing network. We support companies in developing best in class manufacturing setups to ensure efficient supply of products to customers. Core areas of developments are the right level of vertical integration, make or buy decisions and the manufacturing footprint design. 

MYSIGMA services include:

  • Manufacturing footprint design
  • Make or buy decisions
  • Vertical integration level
  • Total landed cost analyses
  • Production location validation and selection
  • Site ramp-up planning and support
  • Manufacturing risk management

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Dan Schultz

+46 703 791 150 dan.schultz@mysigma.se

Håkan Emilsson

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