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Supply chain network

Supply chain network

Supply chain network refers to sourcing setup, manufacturing location and distribution structure. It defines how manufacturing and sourcing are linked to markets in terms of geographical location and value creation. The main motive behind changed network is to align operations strategy with business strategy to support ambitions to increase competitiveness or a consequence of rapid growth. In the evaluation, the strategic objectives have to be considered at operational performance level to assure having a solid business case to take decision on for future setup. In theory, the ideal case is one high-complexity plant in lowest-cost country close to market but in reality, trade offs between cost level, economies of scale, complexity and transportation are evaluated in the business case, see principle in illustration.

MYSIGMA has solid experience in both footprint evaluations and to drive re-location projects of different kind, e.g

  • Greenfield – designing and ramp up new production sites and distribution centers
  • Back sourcing – establish regional supply chains
  • Insourcing –from sourcing to inhouse operations to increase flexibility
  • Outsourcing – to establish regional distribution presence

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